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"Keep It Movin"

[Intro: Qusai as Roger Troutman]
Ladies and gentleman
Welcome to 2003
This is Don Legend and D-Light
And they are goin' to keep it movin' for y'all
So sit back relax, enjoy the music

Yo hold up hold up D, you ready for this?
You know we gotta give it to 'em one more time
You ready on the count of 3?
3, 2, 1 here we go

[Verse 1: D-Light]
When I step up in the spot, people stop and stare
You can look for a minute try not to glare
See me dressed to a T in my Rocawear
I been blessed with the taste for the proper gear
You can ask anybody, I'm hot this year
I can climb any mountain, 'til the top appears
It's a feel good song, so the topic's clear
Just listen for a few while I've got your ear
It's the life that I lead, hip hop in this
It's the life that I need, no stoppin' this
And I'm feelin' just fine as a optimist
To the time and the signs of apocalypse
Me and Don Legend, so we rockin' this
In the club all night, no poppin' Cris'
It's Bacardi and Coke as they knock our hits
Play it loud so proud we're the **

Get your hands up, just pull your pants up
[?] up, keep it movin'

[Verse 2: Qusai]
Although I'm big I came to party
Soon as I enter the club, I spot this shorty
Time time for some action, 'cause you know that I am the man
Hit you with a game that make you say hot damn!
I, pop the collar, I, drop the dollar
I make them ladies wanna holla and follow
My Chevy Impala with my one and only partner
As I rock the prada that I call the oochi walla
Up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie
To the boogie boogie bang, I let my nuts hang
Out the window maing
Understand the plan, Kamelion don’t love them *hoes*
Slam them on the table like dominos for sho!
Looking for them ladies, raised in the 80s
Driving Mercedes, who’s driving me crazy
L to the E-G, E to the N-D
In the heezy for sheezy my nizy as I get busy


[Verse 3: D-Light & Qusai]
We on a mission to make you get up and groove
Yo, we stay on the grind, doing this one for you
Yo I hear you Cuz but I'm feelin' kinda buzzed
Handlin' my biz didn't know what time it was

Yo chill, aight, enjoy the show
Sit back for a few, 'til it's time to go
Drinking, smoking, shaking, locin'
Rock the dancefloor 'til the hoe ** broken


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