""Return and Burn" TitanProGammer Diss Track Remix"

I Guess the slayer was too much for you to handle, cause when I starting getting subs, you deleting your channel

Im the storm slayer your just a hater, just because my videos are better, subscribe to you ha never, you make tons of videos that don’t make sense, you had twenty nine subscibers do you know where they went, oh right there with me giving you all this disrespect. Call yourself a gamer named titan but your not good at any games so why you lying. People say we have a rivalry but none of that really mattered cause when you hear this your youtube dreams will be shattered

Could have been a great youtuber, but you spent all your money on a computer, and through all of it you’re still the loser, yeah you do weird things try to be an amuser, yeah you were no competition just ask the viewers, thought everyone would like you if you had a channel, but look where that went, yeah was all the haters right when they said your whole career was an accident you were desperate for attention, so you called up death thoughts, yeah your plan was perfect except for the loose knots, when everyone found at you were faking, they all started to hate you more and your career was breaking

Try to diss me but your plan backfired, just keep on failing cause it’s got me inspired, to keep on making diss tracks that are super fire, come back at making videos? No you should stay retired, it ain’t like your sub count is getting any higher, after every video your channel gets even more lamer, titan exposed call him TitanAverageGamer
Call my videos trash, shots fired, now it’s my turn, wanna break your keyboard like your favorite streamer, I told you Return and Burn, im tellin you the slayer was too much

You tried your best to roast me, but your roasts are lame, try to start a gaming channel but you got game, you say your channel was gone because of your mother, or is it because she didn’t want to suffer, yeah go to your grandma’s house to get internet, that’s where your channel started and ended, said I couldn’t get 100 subs in a year but you lost the bet, yeah you got made fun of, I was there for you to be defended, but you didn’t care wanted to be a traitor, you ditched from me, and now you’re an even bigger failure, karate kid with no skills, all up in the battlegrounds, said PUBG sucks, but is that cause your always going down. Playing fortnite but even Aubrey could beat you, don’t like what I say but I speaking the truth

Yeah you say you got your golden gun on overwatch, but how is it overwatch, if you can’t upload any games that no one can watch. Everyone thinks your overrated, but you actually just really hated, yeah you stopped making videos because your cameraman, ha little sister, refused, didn’t want anyone to know you were so weak so you made everyone confused, told them you deleted your channel to push back all the hate, but fight the slayer you can’t back away from your fate………..TitanAverageGamer
Real chourus from original

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