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Will Stetson

"Remind Blue"

That path we took to our home
The setting sun and its glow
My quickened pace that took me along the road
“So that they won’t have to wait”
“So I won’t lead them astray.”
The light it seems to pull away into the darkened streets so far away from me
Farther than I can see

And August comes happily
With music filling the streets
And yet that blurry road is so blue to me
“So I’ll recall what you said”
“So tears won’t spill out again”
Before my eyes my mind is filled up with your memory

It seems at last that I recall those kind eyes
Playing back the melody, you sang to me, adults had cast aside

The darkened haze, your laughing face, and even all our sorrow
Through all the heat, my heart still beats, and carries them tomorrow
Those simple days, long gone away, before that painful shade, colored it all back into grey
Just little children playing games
To reach today we ran and chased through choirs of the summer
And yesterday we searched and prayed we’d find that distant color
They passed us by while you and I had mourned the memories painted in the sky

So that things never change
So you won’t lose your place
The hand you held so quickly was torn away
And August passes us by
And yet it rings in the sky
Its shadow haunts and lingers on still deep inside my mind

You laughed so kind as tears poured softly from your eyes
Smiling throughout the grief, you turned to me, and said “this is goodbye”

The passing rain, and cloudy days, the feelings never spoken
Tore them apart, inside my heart, and lied through every morning
The sun that sets, comes once again, and dyes it all in red
It seems I’ll never understand
That I can never touch your hand
Today it seems, my heart it beats, yet I still suffer blankly
Day after day, I pray in vain, tomorrow you might save me
I hope that we can someday see a world that’s so much brighter than it seems

The summer’s last chorus
Those hazy days that bored us
All seem to suffocate me as they waiver in the heat
We’re still just pretending
To be grown up while clinging to the
Thoughts that I hid deep inside, yet still remain alive

The wind and sky, their roaring cry, are quiet and dissolving
That melody and evening breeze, all fill me up with longing

The darkened haze, your laughing face, and now the time you leave me
Repeat again, and start to blend, and fade into my memory
Yet as we grow, of this I know, no matter where we go
There is one thing that stays the same, because your smile still remains
And on that day, I ran away, afraid cause I was lying
So take me back, to when we laughed, and smiled through the crying
I’ll walk you home, you’re not alone, It’s how our fairy tale was meant to go

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