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Yeah, Australia needs somebody that (lil pandy *pu**y ass n***as)
Nah, a group of people that
I guess open up everything for the rest of the people
(World first)

[Chorus: The Kid LAROI]
I've been movin’ so damn quickly
I've been getting in my bag, I guess
Ooh, execute the plan all day
I can't get caught in all the games, I got no plans to rest
Ooh, not until I pass the test
Let me tell you that
I’ve been movin', I've been movin'

[Verse 1: The Kid LAROI]
I swear to God I've been on the move
It feel like I'm livin' out a movie
Almost like it's too good to be true
Now I can’t lose, no more
Blue ticks in my inbox, silver tick on the hat
Like a dog from the pound boy
I done came from out the back, yeah
Motherf**kin’ high stats, I'm on a song with Skies
I’m winnin' in real life
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