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"f*ck You, Goodbye"

Lyrics from Leak

f**k you, goodbye
You hurt me, for the last time
It's time for me to move on
It's f**k you and goodbye
I gave you love and I hate it (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, all of the time that I wasted (Yeah, yeah)
f**k you, goodbye
You hurt me, for the last time

It's the last time I'm letting you hurt me
f**k you, goodbye, I did not deserve this
None of this bullsh*t was ever really worth it
You blame me like I know I ain't perfect
I tried with you, and I'd lie for you
Anytime, swear my live on the line for you
I really wanted to get it right with you
I always saw the better side
And now it's f**k you for life
I'm doing better, you right
I was wrong 'bout you, I guess I finally realized
You brought the dark to my light
I'm with a new one tonight
But there is one last thing I want to tell you tonight
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