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"Don’t Give Up*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Oh yeah, oh-oh-oh
Oh yeah, oh yeah
Don't give up
(Nick, you're stupid)

Don't give up, on me
I've tried and tried again but I can never find no peace
Sometimes I f**k up, it's on me
I try and try again, but I still end up going, it's on me
I got friends that ain't my friends I ain't even know exist (sh*t)
I got hoes that ain't my hoes, they just coexist
But every entertainer up in Hollywood, I'm over it
That's why I pour a cup and get f**ked up
I'm trying to forget it

f**k that put that to the side now
I heard you want to f**k cause I'm up now
sh*t, well okay I'm with it, but only if you don't...
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