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"No One Above Me*"

Lyrics from Snippet

Better with you today
Oh, this way, this way ...

Summer flooding, can't find love in Hollywood, as I learned that lesson
I might have a better shot gettin' back all my exes from Texas
Send her a message, only when I'm drunk, sh*t is pathetic
Keep on playin' with her hearth, knowing I'm not ready
For that relationship sh*t, I'm just tryna get this money
Before I had it, I know that none of these b*t*hes love me
Now Katy text me every night, talkin' about, "come and f**k me"
And she keep on saying she put no one above me (Haha)
Yeah, aight
I know about all the sh*t you gettin' up to late at night
I know about all the other rappers that be on your mind
I hate that all the time, but baby it's alright
I'm good, I'm straight, you don't gotta lie
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