[Intro: The Kid LAROI]
Okay, I realize now, that everything that I did was wrong
Okay, I realize now, some things are better off said than done
Okay, I realize now, that maybe I'm not ready for love
Okay, I realize now, I finished us before we begun-un-un

[Chorus: The Kid LAROI]
I'm done, so done, I'm done with all the games you play
I'm numb, so numb, I'm numb to all the pain you bring
I'm tryna figure this all out for myself
I don't need you or nobody else, I'm done, so done
So done, so done, so done, so done, I'm done
(Oh no, no-no-no, no-no-no)

[Verse 1: The Kid LAROI]
I think that it's time for you to realize
That I'm not gon' be here forever but I
Wish that I was, but you were the cause
For every lil' feelin' I'm feeling inside
Sometimes I sit and I think about why
I even trusted you, ----, I'm surprised
I'm walkin' away from you, it's about time
Want you to walk out and walk out of my life
And you, yeah, you (Yeah, you)
You stay on my mind way more than I would like for you to
And you, yeah, you
The reason I can't find no love, don't wanna fight no more

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