Outside lyrics

Polo G

[Intro: Trippie Redd]
Big 14, know what the f**k goin' on
Ah (Ah)
(Ayy, KBeaZy, you fye'd up)

[Chorus: Trippie Redd]
I been trapped inside, feel like poppin' out
Ain't no stoppin' now, goin' back ain't no option now (Yeah, woah)
New AP, I'm poppin' out (Poppin'), feel like rockin' out (Ah)
In your bity, I'm in and out (Ah)
f**kin' your b*t*h without a doubt (Woah)
Yeah, we outside, outside, outside (We outside)
b*t*h, we outside, outside, outside (Ah)
I'll be standin' in the rain, already cold inside
Brand new Richard Mille Plain, I use my phone to tell the time (Time), oh

[Verse 1: Lil Tjay]
They say you a stain, mob ties, then we on you
I know you a b*t*h so when we run that, what you gon' do?
We can do whatever, it's whatеver, I just warned you
If you try to book me, wе gon' show you and preform too
Thinkin' I'm a stain, it's gon' rain with a storm too
I keep me some hitters, they like everything but normal
I just started ballin', fix my shot and now it's formal
I been livin' life like f**k the haters, what you want to?

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