Aye, huh, yuh, yuh
Yeah, uh, uh, uh

They think I’m crazy or something
Hop into the b*t*h like DaBaby or something, huh
I put that cake in the oven
Your b*t*h, she be flexing like Kratos or something, huh
When did you make all that money?
They basically saying they paying for nothing
I’m basically saying they basic, I’m bluffin’
Yo b*t*h is gon’ act like they faithful or something, huh
I got bands, I got f**kin’ bandits
Keep that stick up on my b*t*h, semi automatic
Forgiatos on the whip, in and outta traffic
Make ‘em sit down like a b*t*h, I be workin’ magic

[Verse 2]
(Huh?) Uh, uh, look
Imma need forty up in the mag please, fancy
b*t*hes be talkin’ out of they asscheeks, that’s weak
I was f**kin’ up on all you bad B’s last week
pu**y talkin’ like he gonna blast me, gladly
If they got some sh*ts, I lеt ‘em know who they talkin’ to
Got wings all on the back and I think I’m fly likе a c*ckatoo
Give money to the people, I buy my baby some Prada boots
He think he got the sauce, well I’m sayin’ I got a lotta juice
Well, margaritas, I think I need one
I been head honcho; I’m a leader, I give him free bucks
I might just go and get my cheese up, be battering up
That lil’ b*t*h up like she a skeezer, that b*t*h a eater, uh, uh
On my mama baby, whatchu know?
Got all these b*t*hes talkin’ proper baby, drop it low
I put the barrel of the choppa up that pu**y nose
I make ‘em fall ‘cause I’m a top, they fall like dominos (Yuh, yuh), yuh, yuh

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