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"The Avengers vs The Justice League"

[Verse 1: The Avengers]
[Captain America]
The First Avenger
But you can call me Captain
I lead from the trenches
While your chicken's wing flappin'
On level ground, you're all going under
We always make it rain
Just ask the God of Thunder
It's Hammer Time?
Well, let me go MC
They can't touch this
And little Flash wants to be me
[Iron Man]
Not bad, Hammer
Now T Stark's in the building
We dropped a blockbuster
They haven't even started filming
[Bruce Banner]
I entirely concur-
Bruce Banner back in action
We don't know how to losе
Guess it's a chemical reaction
[Black Widow]
With Diana right thеre
Clark asked for my number
With shoulders like that
The woman really makes me wonder
I always hit my targets
The guy who never misses
The eye of a hawk
And I spot a group of b*t*hes
[Verse 2: Justice League]
[League in unison]
Look, first things first
When your speaking to the League
You bow to your superiors
And then you may proceed
We stand for Justice
A heavy load to carry
But we get it on the first try
No Avenging necessary
From the depths of the shadows
To the sky outside your window
We'll end you like a Sega
And then play you like Nintendo
I'm rapping in flames, I'm rapping with fire
I'm rapping up lames, let's make 'em retire
And Thor belongs on a Baywatch shore
He's Hasselhoff mixed with Dumbledore
And while we're at it, that reminds me
Didn't they battle Harry Potter?
Well, mixed with a green Hermione?
[Eating sounds]
Oh-I had a killer punchline
But we ate these clowns for breakfast
So call us when its lunch time
[Verse 3: The Avengers-Nick Fury]
Nick Fury here
And I'm representing SHIELD
Don't see a threat yet
But I'll keep my eye peeled
This so-called team
That stands here before me
Are the furthest thing from soldiers
And the closest thing to phonies
[Verse 4: Justice League]
[Hal Jordan]
Alright, I'm calling time out
Someone put Cap' back in the freezer
He's rhyming like a toddler
And he's limpin' like a geezer
[League in unison]
And who the hell let the pirate on the mic?
We're bringing down you're ship, b*t*h
You're gonna miss your flight
[Verse 5: The Avengers]
[Avengers in unison]
We're Earth's true protectors
A fact to remember
Saw you all sh*t your tights
When the Avengers Assembled
[Verse 4: Justice League]
[League in unison]
It's Steel vs Iron
It's Lions vs Lambs
It's Kings vs Paupers
It's Prime Rib vs Spam
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