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"Kratos vs Dante"

[Verse 1: Dante]
Speak of the Devil!
It's the mercenary
Specializing in the cases dealing with
The paranormal
Step aside!
Just opened up shop
On your b*t*h ass
So here's your chance
But someone, for the love of God
Get this guy a pair of pants!
I'm of demonic heritage
Your life is being Repo'd
Like Ebony and Ivory
I never need a reload!
Got a verbal ass kicking
That I'm about to make you suffer
And when I lay you down to rest
Just know: I did it for my mother!
[Verse 2: Kratos]
What's a demon to a demigod?
Give me a challenge!
'Cuz little orphan Annie here's
A waste of my talents!
I've battle from on high
I've tested immortality
You winning in a fight
Or on the mic
Is not reality!
My name echos boldly
All throughout the ages
And you're a second rate for hire
In the local Yellow Pages!
I'm a legendary warrior!
Won't break a sweat to beat ya'
My delivery is fresher than the olives on your pizza!
This silver haired showboat
Is more like a bad joke
I'll make him bleed the same shade of red
As his trench coat!
You'd better have your pistols ready
For when Kratos drops by
Or I'll take away your life
And rename your game
Devil May Die!
[Verse 3: Dante]
Alright you've hit the Devil Trigger
So it's time to make you pay!
Of your wife or your daughter
Which was easiest to slay?
I'm driven by revenge
While your guilty sentence haunts you
I'll treat you like my targets, son
I'll kill you and I'll taunt you!
My Pops was a Demon Knight
I'm the Son of Sparda
So I think it's only right
I exorcise the Ghost of Sparta!
You say that you're a legend
But my feats will never die!
I'll see no tears in the end b*t*h
'Cuz Devils Never Cry!
[Verse 4: Kratos]
Don't speak of the fallen
You're ignorant and cynical
You failed your only brother, ho
And you two were identical!
I fight the demons of my past
It's true, I never hide it
Kill a demon on the mic?
I say don't knock it 'till you tried it!
Chaos Blades turning all the Gods
Into dust
So you'll barley quench the thirst
Of my Spartan blood lust!
Because I've been to Hell and back
Standing face to face with Hades
So excuse me if I'm laughing off
This silver Slim Shady!
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