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"Ryu vs Scorpion"

[Verse 1: Ryu]
Normally silent and humble
I know
But it's a tournament, son
So I'll rap like a pro
I'm calm and I'm patient
I'll wait for my moment
To master my art
And then drop my opponent
And speaking of this Netherrealm
Costumed freak
Even with all your weapons
Your chances are bleak
I've been training so hard
That I'm close to my peak
Beat your ass to the beat
Then we'll fight in the streets
[Verse 2: Scorpion]
Come Here!
Face the wrath of an undead
Hellfire punch
Leave you white suit blood red
In all forms of combat
I fight to the dеath
By the end, you'll have takеn
Your one final breath
Kunai to your chest
Uppercut to your chin
End you and your blond barbie doll friend Ken
Forged in the fires of combat I thrive
I'll take off my mask
And I'll roast you alive
[Verse 3: Ryu]
Look, I'll show you no mercy
Verbally kill ya'
You've already died
So this should be familiar
Ice-Cold flow
Like your little blue twin
I'll beat ya again
Then I'll send it to Ken!
[Interjection: Ken]
That's right, It's Ken
Bring this thing to an end
Got a flurry of kicks
For this prick, Scorpion
Let's crank it up to alpha
And make his world spin
Tag Ryu back in for the win with
[Verse 4: Scorpion]
Let's take it to hell
Spittin' fire, I'm heated
My engine is warm
While your tank is depleted
Look, you and Ken make
A great pair of sisters
But let's get you some shoes
For those bad foot blisters
I'm the tournament king
You can't beat me
Plus I've learned some new moves
From your girl Chun-Li
This is the end
You know it's near
The sound of your death is
Get Over Here!
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