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"Spiderman vs Deadpool [Extended + Remastered]"

[Verse 1: Spiderman]
Look, I already told you that
I'm the amazing
You're challenging me?
Now I know that you're crazy
The web-slinging, wall-crawling
King has returned
And I'll toast you again
Like your skin's been burned
That's right
I'm throwing haymakers
In the first round
By the end they'll all say
"Man that's where the Dead Drowned!"
In the high-rising flow
Of a greater opponent
And the Marvel crown
I don't lease it-
I own it!
[Verse 2: Deadpool]
Wait, is this guy for real?
Someone get the yellow pages
I need an extermination
Spider infestation
Look, more of a killer
And less of a hater
But what's with the wall-crawling?
It's called an "Elevator"
So you really wanna go toe-to-toe?
Well I've got your toe tag
And it's to the Morgue we go!
But since you're special
Fine, the choice is yours
You can die by the gun
Or I'll gut you by sword!
[Verse 3: Spiderman]
Spidey sense not tingling
'Cuz this guy's a joke
If he rapped for a living
He'd be Deadbroke
You're already trapped in my web
You'll regret it
I'll tie up your limbs and
I'll have you beheaded
You rhyme like a toddler
Your flow is in diapers
I'm killing this battle with
Lyrics and capers
I'm still undefeated
My title's the same
And you'll soon be forgotten
Just like your game!
[Verse 4: Deadpool]
The Merc with the Mouth
Is now taking the title
I fight for the top
While you fight for survival
This loss on your record
Just marks my arrival
When this battles done
Pete, you'll be suicidal!
Got a lightning flow
And once I unleash it
It's coming down on you
'ya better take cover!
Unstoppable and unprobable
And unpredictable
And I got a roar like Thunder!
My flows are sick
My rhymes are quick
My skill is ill
I lined up my scope to your chest
'Cuz I aim to kill!
[Verse 5: Spiderman]
Lee's Greatest Hero
And you're just a copy
My web rhymes are solid
Your lyrics are sloppy
I'd kick your ass
In both word play or violence
The Merc with the Mouth
Has finally been silenced
[Verse 6: Deadpool]
Wait a minute
Beat me in violence?
Come on, Pete, you're joking
My arsenal's huge
And my guns are still smoking
The itsy-bitsy spider's a tough guy?
I'm laughing
The itsy-bitsy spider was
Murdered by the assassin
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