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"PS4 VS XBOX ONE Rap Battle PT.2"

[Verse 1: Xbox 1]
It's Generation 8
We're battling for a legacy
You steppin' to the plate
With all the hate
Is simply jealousy
I'm live and I'm gold
Check the subscription
The Pharaoh of Next Gen
Like an Egyptian
Sure, your price tags a little lower
My apologies
For stepping up the game
And raising the level of quality
Maybe you took the battle
But the war's all mine
f**ks sake
You're ending up in the return line
[Verse 2: PS4]
Listen, you overgrown clonе
b*t*h and moan all day
I'll dunk on you a second time
Like a 2K rеplay
You've made it to the killzone
I've got a knack for murdering flows
I send my foes home
Unplugging all these consoles
I'm an assassin
Assassination is natural, you prick
I'm more powerful
While you're sh*tting power bricks
I already have iPlayer
Killin' sh*t, no hitch
This battle's over, I'm out
'Cuz my greatness awaits b*t*h
[Verse 3: WiiU]
Hang on
When is it my turn?
I've got a bundle for just $299
And I'm a legend
When will they learn?
It's all about Ninetendo
Show me some love
I was pumpin' out games
Before you twins were even thought of
I'm backwards compatible
Games from the first Wii
I'm from a royal lineage
You both want to be me
Zelda, Megaman, Super Mario
Iconic heroes
The real King of the Console
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