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"Princess Peach vs Princess Zelda"

[Verse 1: Peach]
It's the Number One Peach
Killing beats and breaking hearts
So hot, I've got f**kers
Crashing their Mario Karts
The mainstay damsel
But I'm never stressing
I'll drop an elf b*t*h
Like my real game is Tekken
I'm trippin' off of toadstools
'Cuz we do it real big
You're robbing from the cradle
Messing with that little elf kid
I'm such a lady
Fight with grace to combat you
So don't it persona
When Peach b*t*hslaps you
[Verse 2: Zelda]
Oh look, It's Goldilocks
All grown up now
I love your pink dress
Excuse me while I go throw up now
I'm part of Hyrule's royal Bloodline
And b*t*hеs' just be hatin'
'Cuz they're mad that I'm dumb finе
Oracles of Seasons
Winter to Summer
[I helped them]
And you can hate on Link
But you're dating a plumber
I'm unique and amazing
You're standard, like missionary
Check the main title of my game, b*t*h
I'm legendary
[Verse 3: Peach]
I may look sweet
But I'll flip the switch real quick
b*t*hes talking sh*t
Get hit with a high kick
I'll take off my gloves
And show you how this
Princess gets down
Nintendo's leading lady
Crack your skull with my gold crown
Long blonde hair and a frame
Like an hourglass
I can have all the guys in Mushroom Kingdom
Kick your ass
You'll rule for awhile
But my reign will be endless
You're an emo vampire
A Twilight Princess
[Verse 4: Zelda]
Any way you slice it
I still come out the winner
An hourglass figure
But you wish you were thinner
You're like an old school
I dunno-wannabee Barbie
And those Plumber brothers tag-teamed you
And called it Mario Party
The Tri-Force of Wisdom
But still shining on you all night
Magical abilities
But still cut you in a sword fight
I'll dress myself as Sheik
So tell your mushroom friends goodbye
I'll put a b*t*h to sleep
And call that sh*t
Zelda's Lullabye
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