The infinite source


[Verse 1]
I am the multi-incarnate
Hylian master of weapons
Got the one-and-only Tri-force of Courage
That means you're coming in second
I'm the Hero of Hyrule
Here to rescue my lady
From the grips of the forces of darkness
A.k.a Ganon the Shady
From a kid in the Kokiri Forest
All the way to a Hero of Time
I'm breakin' in Ganondorf's castle
Gonna take back what's mine
I'm just like my shield
I don't break and don't bend
But challenging me is a direct
Link to your end!
[Verse 2]
My everyday life should be a
Feature-length movie
Does this Zelda gig pay?
'CuzI'm all about my Rupees!
My Master Sword's packed
And I also brought a weapon
It's pointed at the sky
I'm a Wind Walking Legend!
Boomerang flow, son
My range is extensive
Look but don't touch
These medallions are expensive
Dropping bombs on the beat
'Cuz lyrically I'm ruthless
Sugar-sweet flow gonna
Leave you all toothless!
[Verse 3]
A highly skilled archer
I always hit my marks
I'm never going down
I've got too many hearts
My feats are amazing
I'm a trailblazing leader
Rockin' all green
But don't ever call me Peter!
The things that I'm claiming are simply amazing
The goals that I've set have been met with attaining
I'm never complaining but always maintaining
And stepping to me is a death in the making
So think before you speak
To the Link you see in front of thee
I hope that I've rightly delivered the message
Zelda's the game
But this is my legend!
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