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"Luigi vs Tails [Extended and Remastered]"

[Verse 1: Luigi]
It's a me, luigi
And I'm gonna win
I'll drop a mascot
Just like my fraternal twin
I'm a real slim thug
Been in the game since'83
You better recognize
You cannot spell the name
Without the "G"
This is Luigi's Mansion
Your final resting place
You're running outta miles
This will be your final race
Wherever Sonic found you
You should've been left there
Bust a shell cap in your back
Then hit you with a
Death stare
[Verse 2: Tails]
Your legacy is nothing but a
Collection of fails
I've already won the coin toss
They always pick Tails
Soar above the competition
And you, my friеnd, are grounded
Should've facеd the other brother
He seems more "Well-rounded"
They call me Miles Prower
And my miles per hour
Will flame on the track
Like I pack Fire Flowers
You need a new suit
But beggars can't be choosers
We all know the "L" on your hat
Just stands for loser
[Verse 3: Luigi]
I've been storming castles
While you and Sonic are racing
I battle dinosaurs
You're fat scientist chasing
Player 2 but my presence
And skill set is vital
Hate on my suit, bro
But I'm in my title
If you see a red shell
I suggest that you bail
Ignite ya backside
Rename ya the one tail, b*t*h
Facing a side chick
Shorter than my buckles
Let's even this up
Drop you, Sonic, and Knuckles
[Verse 4: Tails]
Propelling my way to the finish line
Me beating you down's just a matter of time
Super Sonic in my flying speed
Inventing things that you can never achieve
My mechanical prowess is off the charts
Drop bombs on you and your Mario kart
Going solo on Sky Patrol
You're nothing without your meatball bro
Spin my tails together
While I spin a tail of wonder
The story of the fox
Who murdered the plumber
Look, I may be small but I'm still
Twice the player
After you, my new nickname is
The Green Clone Slayer
[Verse 5: Luigi]
The Green Clone Slayer?
That's all just delusions
I'll knock some sense in him
Little Miles has contusions
You thought that you had it wrapped up
Sorry, but take a green loss
Fox trap this b*t*h
'Cuz Luigi's
The big boss
[Verse 6: Tails]
Your the big boss of nuthin'
Tails is the master
Flying to new heights
And your games are disasters
You think your kart's quick-
But Prower is much faster
Dominate this prick
And go party with Sonic after
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