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"Goku vs Superman 2"

[Verse 1: Goku]
It's Goku Son, back again
And I'll take another win
Burn you first and then I'll play your ass
Like a record spin
To challenge me is certain death
Even though I'd rather not
It's the result
If you're dumb enough
To step to Kakarot
This is just my first form
I figured I should break you in
I still don't know what's worse
Is it your get up?
Or your latest film?
After the battle
Say goodbye to your last fan
At lest your sequel's got the
Guy from Gigli playing Batman
[Verse 2: Superman]
[You've got to be kidding me!]
It's a bird, It's a plane
Nah, It's your worst nightmare
I'll beat ya down with your black, red
Or your blonde hair
There is a simple fact
That you still don't seem to understand
I draw my power from the sun
So slim to none's the chance you stand
Generation tested
I've defeated masterminds before
And let's be honest, Son
You're not the sharpest knife inside the drawer
I'm a legend, you're a fad
And soon you'll lose your fan appeal
And Chi-Chi knows the biggest reason
That I'm called the "Man of Steel"
[Verse 3: Goku]
I don't want to defeat you
But you're leaving me without a choice
Dragon Fist Explosion to the throat
You'll be without a voice
I've mastered all my techniques
Through blood and sweat
It's well deserved
So don't feel bad about the fact
That Superman is getting served
I really must commend you, though
Lois Lane is tough to get
Tell me, is it the ballerina suit?
Or your pirouette?
You're just an empty symbol
And I'm a warrior of substance
I'll go Super Saiyan God mode
And show this b*t*h
[Verse 4: Superman]
I don't need a transformation
Do you really want to try your luck?
When I wake up in the morning
And I take a p*ss
I'm powered up
Your arguments are see through
You forgot about my X-ray sight
And I could tell that you were full of sh*t
In the darkest night
It's already a failure
Whatever you were planning
And I know your green bro
Gave you his "Special Beam Cannon"
I'm a living legend
I belong in the Smithsonian
When i'm done with you
Your tomb will read:
Death by Kryptonian
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