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"Snake vs Ezio"

[Verse 1: Snake]
Spittin' poison venom
When I step into the shadows
Better hope that you're not in 'em
You'll be dead before you even know
Scope is set to Ezio
Infiltration's what I do
I'm not just in it for the show
My brotherhood is Foxhound
Come in hard with no sound
Sneak in from above
And put a prophet in the cold ground
You're dressed up like a priest
I hope you've said you're final prayer
Put a bullet through your hood
You stepped into the Snake's lair
[Verse 2: Ezio]
Da Firenze
If you must know
The identity of your killer
I'll assassinate this G.I.Joe
My heritage is strong
Been a mentor of the Brotherhood
Tactical espionage tricks
Will do you no good
Dual hidden baldes
So I'll be quick to make you bleed
I promise, Solid
You don't want to see
What's up Firenze's sleeves
Put us hand to hand
I'll be the first to the punch
My name means eagle
And today I'm having Snake for lunch
[Verse 3: Snake]
Violence isn't glorious
But I'm still notorious
For spilling blood of my foes
And ending up victorious
Say your a Snake Eater?
I've dealt with that title before
Take it to Ground Zero
Bring you phantom pain with C4
I'll blow you into pieces
Just like I did with Metal Gear
Soon you'll learn your lesson
I'm the one who all assassins fear
I'm Solid Snake
I'm on the mission
Got my codex
And you're as good as dead
I'm already waiting like
Who's next?
[Verse 4: Ezio]
Eagle sense are saying
It's time for you to go
So prepare to meet your making
I'm not talking about Hideo
This will be a Renaissance
And you have been Forsaken
And your murder is assured
Let this serve as your Revelation
My line runs strong
With Des in the new century
You're hanging out with Otacon
I'm chillin' with Da Vinci
So fresh to death
That's literal, just sayin'
When the battle's done I'll have
Some new boots
Made of snakeskin
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