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"Boba Fett vs Master Chief [Extended + Remastered]"

[Verse 1: Boba Fett]
It's Fett
I'm the greatest threat
Here to take your breath
It's already game, set
My whole business is dealing death
Mandalorian Monster
Only battling if I got a sponsor
I never settle for less
'Cuz I'm the best of the best
And your the Master Chief of impostors
I'm loaded and I'm coming out shooting
You better stay low
By the time this battle's finished
I'll give you a real HALO
I'm known throughout the galaxy
No mission I won't carry through
It's nothing personal
But if the price is right
I'll bury you
[Verse 2: Master Chief]
You really think that you would bury me?
That's crazy talking
I look at you and all I see is
A dead Fett walking
John 117:
And no, it's not a Bible verse
But your apocalypse has come
I brought your bullet and your hearse
Come face me
Special Warfare Operator: Navy
The rank's Master Chief
And i'll ghost you like Swayze
I'm standing over your corpse
Before you even shoot
Man, This prick not fit
To lick sh*t from my boot
[Verse 3: Boba Fett]
You've really gone and done it
I'll disintegrate a hater
I run with Huts, The Sith Lord
And Darth Vader
They respect the hustle
And they respect the grind
And when they need some muscle
I'm number one all-time
It's Boba
Super Nova
Slow roast ya
Larger than life
I'll bag and tag this small soldier
She's seen the bigger gun
I'll watch your A.I. chick leave ya
You wanna battle Solo, boy?
I'll carbon-freeze ya
[Verse 4: Master Chief]
Been at this thirty years, son
My record can't be shattered
Turned the tides of war
And you're just a kidnapper
You face a super soldier
A Spartan
You're done for
It's not even close
So I suggest you better
Run, Forrest
They call me demon
Think my enemies are right
'Cuz I'm fighting for the good
But I'll enjoy taking your life
But look-
Here's one last shot
We can both squash the beef
Just get down on your knees, b*t*h
And Hail to the Chief
[Verse 5: Boba Fett]
The return of the mercenary
With no mercy to spare
I want all of the spoils of war
You know I don't like to share
This chump won't even know what hit him
When I come through and drop the boom
The end of the chief-
While Mandalorian is coming soon
[Verse 6: Master Chief]
Never going easy on this mercenary sc*m
I see it's not an act-
Nah, he really is that dumb
My arsenal stays loaded
Even though it's for much bigger threats
Drop this Disney+ b*t*h
That was Big Chief vs Little Fett
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