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"Elsa vs Sub Zero"

[Verse 1: Elsa]
I might be the Snow Queen
But I'm still about to give him hell
Coldest on the mic
And reppin' hard
For Arendelle
I've got a killer snow giant
Ask Kristoff
And I froze a whole kingdom
Last time that I was p*ssed off
Cryokinetic powers
At will I control the weather
I know you shoot ice beams
Just sayin' I do it better
You and your whole crew
Versus me with one hand
Drop the "Sub" from your name
That's the chance that you stand
[Verse 2: Sub Zero]
You're not the first to fall to Zero
You're just one of many
I think that someone's cranky
'Cuz she isn't getting angry
But if you want to take it out onme
Then be my guest
Put your powers to the test
And on your grave, mark: second best
It's easy to be tough
When your opponents are witless
A carrot nosed snowman?
Yeah, I'm scared sh*tless
This little beam will turn a queen
Into an ice block
And your entire team will just be
Standing there like
"Nice shot!"
[Verse 3: Elsa]
You wanna anger Frozen royalty?
Get the queen's wrath
See that I bruised your ego
Drown you in an ice bath
You're a laugh
Just a joke to me
You've just been outwit
I know we work with ice
But someone burn this b*t*h's outfit
I've got the magic touch
Leave your corpse under a foot of snow
So any hope of winning
I'm begging
Just let it go
I know I've got a bad rap
For being walled off
I'll open up just long enough and
Freeze a ninja's balls off
[Verse 4: Sub Zero]
When would you like your fatality?
Say the word, tell me when
While I wait, don't you have
A little sis to freeze again?
You're way out of your league
You'll never get into my zone
Teleport behind you
Distracted you by my ice clone
You're as cold on the mic
As a warm day in Hades
Come out of the ice closet
We all know you like the ladies
It's the crown that I'm taking
The win that I'm seizing
You thought you were cold
But I'm below freezing
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