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"Mega Man X vs Astro Boy"

[Verse 1: Mega Man X]
The Capcom beast is back
For another feast
The greatest to ever do it
And I'm up against the least
Your time is up
Just a manga has-been
Broke bum
My Mega-money is everlastin'
Surpassing anything that
You could ever do
But you should've thought twice
Before stepping to Big Blue
You wanna call for backup?
That's fine, I don't blame ya
Either way you slice it
Mega Man will ashame ya
[Verse 2: Astro Boy]
Mega Man?
You're half the size of your name
I'm the perfect boy robot
Talking powers insane
Say you got money
But whеre's your CGI premierе?
All these fan-made movies
Not a single damn cheer
Is blue your favorite color?
'Cuz you look like a Smurf
I've got these dual-wield cannons
It's time to bring on the hurt
It's attack of the robots
And you're part of the show
Can you handle this atom?
'Cuz I'm about to explode
[Verse 3: Mega Man X]
It's all in the name
It's the Man vs The boy
The Bomber
And you're the target I will destroy
And I got to bring it up-
Not trying to be a j*rk
But will someone please
Go buy this kid a shirt?
The Mighty Atom
Really doesn't hold a candle
My flow and my skill set
Is too hot to handle
I'm blastin', outlastin'
I battle with passion
And Astro's new status is
Missing in Action
[Verse 4: Astro Boy]
Dr. Tenma, dad
It's time to make you proud
I'll kick this so-called Man
Straight into the clouds
You say Missing in Action
Now taste the wrath of refraction
My words are the truth
And I'm in no need of a caption
Tell me put on a shirt
But why cover this glory?
I got that no flex zone
I'll put an end to your story
Got a strong sense of justice
Gonna serve up a plate
Turn off the lights-
It's time-
Your decommissioning date
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