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"Assassin’s Creed 4 VS Versace | Drake Music Video Parody"

[Verse 1]
Assassin, Assassin
That's what you get when you
Mix talent with passion
I kill in the shadows
But sometimes I go for
Adventure and Action
[Verse 2]
Assassin, Assassin
The latest descendant is
Desmond Miles
Got hooked up to the Animus
Now I'm picking up
My ancestor's styles
Drowning in memories
Pool in the back
Where I'm drowning my enemies
[Verse 3]
Ask Altair
Professional killers
In business for centuries
Killing my targets regardless
'Cuz failure has become a sin to me
And learning new moves from the
Bleeding Effect
No, not wasting my energy, boy
[Verse 4]
Assassin, Assassin
I'm killin' the audio
Like my dude Ezio
Auditore, tellin' the story
Right from my pen to your stereo
Doing his thing in the Renaissance
I think I like the scenario
Born in the states but a
Shoutout to Drake
Is he reppin' Ontario?
[Verse 5]
Third time around
The New Revolution was all the talk
The British were coming
The British were coming
So Conner brought his tomahawk
They had a death wish
That had to be fulfilledTurn the soil deep red
From all the blood the killer spilled
Now the High seas living is
The high life chasing
I'm plundering the spoils
I don't need no adoration
It's Edward at the helm
Steering all the crew to riches
And killin' off all the b*t*hes
And leaving the rest in stitches
[Verse 6]
Assassin, Assassin
Crusading our way
To some Renaissance action
Then pass the baton
To the revolution
Til we get in a ship 'cuz
We're first and your last
And we're never reacting
At haters, we're laughing
Creed of Assassin's is
Always in fashion
Not about talking
We're all about action
A long list of victims
And items we're stashing
Assassin, Assassin
Assassin, Assassin
Assassin, Assassin
Assassin, Assassin
Assassin, Assassin
Assassin, Assassin
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