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"Final Fantasy 7 Epic Rap"

[Verse 1]
You know they call me Cloud
Because I'm raising the level
Gain another 10
By the end of this
The next boss is in trouble
From Midgar to Condor
To the Chocobo Ranch
Kicking ass and taking names
Since before
Got an All-Star crew
They'll back me up to the end
Taking Shinra head on
We'll never break and don't bend
[Verse 2]
Just check out my lineup
Got Tifa coming to box
She'll leave you battered
And beaten
And not to mention a fox
Then my main man Cid
He can fly wherever you need
Then there's Vince Valentine
He could make a vampire bleed
Did I mention Yuffie and Aerith
She 'll heal you up really good
Red XIII is my homie
Yo, he'll hook you up with that good
Spirit Materia
Added in with my weapon
Will knock you all
Back in time
To Final Fantasy 7
Shoutout to my rival
Talking that silver haired loner
Come and get your last item
It's called a Game Over
[Verse 3]
From the slums of Midgar
It's where we started this fight
To the top floor of Shinra
We've never been scared of heights
It's Team A.V.A.L.A.N.C.H.E
You others don't stand a chance
Got my buster sword handy
So yeah, I'm ready to dance
[Hook x 2]
A SOLDIER First Class
But my rank ain't the factor
I'll take your girl
And blow her Mako reactor
Yeah, don't come around
If you can't handle the game
Limit Breakin' my way
Into Turn-Based
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