Deadpool vs Carnage lyrics

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[Verse 1: Deadpool]
Show me my target practice poster!
I mean-Show me my opponent...
It was over before it started
The truth hurts-Don't it
It's the Marvel Mutant Mastermind
Malicious with the disses
Fero-cious when I'm spittin'
Chop his rocks
Make him a Ms
Someone come and get him
Who can save Kasady?!?
(No one)
He goes out every Halloween-
I think he's trying to pass for me...
Recognize there's a method to madness
That's why I'm the baddest
You've never dealt with the G.O.A.T
With Katanas
I'm like a piranha
I'm ripping and tearing
Apart this symbiote

[Verse 2: Carnage]
The Pool's no match for Kasady
Chaos is my rhapsody
Symbiotic excellence
The rest he speak is blasphemy
Psychotic, I got-
Rip you apart and watch it grow back
Film the whole thing
And I'll title it: The Throwback
No Slack!
Carnage on the mic and I'm murderous
In every sense of the word
I'm Biggie Red
I'm Notorious
I can feel Wilson shaking
That's right, I smell fear
Next to your bodyparts
A bloody message:
Carnage was here

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