Kirby vs Kid Buu

The infinite source

[Verse 1: Kirby]
Dreamland's heavy hitter returns-
I'm well rested
This DragonBall ripoff's
Is about to be digested
My Ultra Sword will cut you
Like my name was Vegito
I could defeat a God
Zenn'o would crush this fat mosquito
Star Warrior
Charging for a thousand years
8 inches tall
Still know I'm one of Buu's worst fears
At the core I'm ravenous
Inhaling by the hour
Spit out Buu and reject him
Like I was the Tournament of Power

[Verse 2: Kid Buu]
Only a thousand years?!
The Kid's been here since the beginning
There's room for one Pink Champ
And Buu stays winning
I'm too powerful
Kirby can't defeat me
You look like taffy
And Buu's feeling greedy
In the capsule I waited-
Finally came Babidi
The battle was over and done
As soon as he released me
I'll bet you Buu's
Got the sauce for the recipe
'Cuz I had the Saiyans on their knees
I'll make a Kirby rest in peace

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