Goku vs Naruto Team Battle lyrics

The infinite source

[Verse 1: Naruto Uzumaki]
Uzumaki- The Clan has got me
Drop these Dragon b***hes
Watch me
Pour the sake- I could be sauced
Still the Nine Tailed King is dropping-

[Verse 2: Sasuke Uchiha]
Legend and Shinobi
On my shoulders, they all owe me
Show some respect
That's right, these fools can
Get down on their knees and blow me

[Verse 3: Son Goku]
Disrespect will get you killed
Now you've got our fire stoked
Spirit Lyric droppin' b***hes
Watch 'em go up in Dragon smoke

[Verse 4: Prince Vegeta]
Make way for the Prince
Their power couldn't be lower
Galick Gun Blast their asses
All the way back to Konoha

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