Aang vs Gohan

The infinite source

[Verse 1: Aang]
The Elemental Miracle Master is back-I got it
See weakness in my opponent
With my third eye, I spot it
So what's a Super Saiyan to the Savior of Nations?
I'll drain your chakra so no Ki blasts
And give you no explanations
Who can bring the balance
No matter the opposition?
Floating high above the rest
The kid with no competition
(That's right)
I'm focused-stay on my mission
This is the Air Temple spittin'
And while I'm hittin' Katara
I see you Dragonball wishing

[Verse 2: Gohan]
There is no comparison
I am the Ultimate Warrior
And you should know
Fighting the deadliest enemies ever created
You're gonna need more than a glow
I am the who's who
Saw the Guru
Unlocked my power like who knew?!
So this arrow-head standing in front of me
Is just one more b***h to blast through
Martial Artist Maestro
And I've been training since day
Vs the Chosen Punk who was frozen
'Cuz he chose to run away
The Avatar wasn't ready
I think he should have thought twice
They sent this monk into battle
And Gohan put that ass back on ice

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