Vegito vs Gogeta lyrics

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[Verse 1: Vegito]
The fused-up Champ has arrived
Yeah, I promise ya
Leave you in worse shape than when I-
F**ked up Super Buu
How many times was I the 7th Universe's
Clutch Savior?
I'm the nectar of the Gods
And you're the watered down flavor
I hope you've gathered up your balls
That's the only chance you'll get a win
If you want to turn and run-
Then I'll give you 'till the count of ten
Potara Packed Power
The likes of which this b***h has never seen
You just got bodied
By the Dragon Univеrse's Crown King

[Verse 2: Gogeta]
Dancing into battle, this is Fusion reborn
I'll wrеck a lesser version for certain
So clown, you've been warned
Ruthless as a foe
Determined, no limit
A poetic combination you've got no shot to mimic
That's right, Gogeta said it
You're just my imitator
The fool who let himself
Get turned into a jaw breaker
You know the hard truth
In every way and shape, my power surpasses
Wait, didn't Future Trunks
Have to save both of your asses?

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