Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Rap- “Like a Viking”

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Like a Viking
Merciless when we attack
So you better get ready for more
Blood and gore
When we get to shore
Never faced a storm like this before
Like a Viking
Nothing is given
So rage and raid and take
And ready yourselves for a reckoning
And if you see our ships
It's too late

[Verse 1]
873 A.D
Stormy sea-
You know better than to mess with me
This an invasion
Mark the occasion
Then get down on your knees
And plead
You know which way the tide is going
Shield and axеs-
What you holdin'?
Get to shore, unload the totеm
That's not the wind at our back
It's Odin
Who's got the crown?
Who's claiming to be King
While I had stepped away?
Weapons sharpened
See my targets
Pride and Knights gon' die today
Day all the way into Night
Deep into the fading light
No end in sight
To the last sword
To the last shield
To the last man
We fight
We Fight!

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