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"Intro (The Proof)"

Respect to Weezy, he started this sh*t
Bring it back one time real quick

[Verse 1]
REASON in this b*tch so what is headin' for?
Sitcom di*k, give a different stroke (Different stroke)
Hit it from the side like a pick and roll
I been gettin' bread ery' night
Call that dinner rolls, listen ho
I learned the game from Soul and Kendrick
You gotta respect it (Uh)
Michael Jordan when recording, you can never check me
Bullets long as chalk sticks, goons up
You get the left and they don't f*ck with Will Smith
They grew up on Smith and Wesson (Smith and Wesson)
Free Album dropped, I been onto bigger blessings (Sheesh)
Need some money for a feature if you're interested
My b*tch asked me where I been, I ain't into questions
Had to cut her off, call that interjections
I been on a wave, [?]
Name buzzin' ery' day, I'm takin' spots (Uh)
Tell her bring that ass up, and make it drop (Make it drop)
f*ck it good than I skrt, Jamie Foxx (Ha!)
'Cause f*ck up, b*tch, f*ck up a check
And f*ck a cop
I ain't show up for the pus*y baby, I came for top
I need some head and Henny, baby
I'on want a lot, I need a Benz in every class and color
I want a lot, sh*t (Haha) REASON
Look, I'm gettin' high but my standards high (What?)
My n*gga roll, light a L, tell him "Pass the fire"
My b*tch cryin' too much, I'm 'bout to pacifier
n*gga thinkin' I'm jockin', boy I ain't that inspired
I can't wait until I end up on a world tour
f*ck a b*tch in they city, that's a girl tour
Big di*k, girl sometimes you gotta shove more
You gon' take it all, you gon' need to open up more, heh
f*ck being humble, baby
Money knotted like the hair on a n*gga baby
Gettin' money, shawty I been gettin' fingers lately
Send the bread, gotta interstate it, REASON

Jay beat

Still Proof sh*t
Look, look

[Verse 2]
I'm out here lookin' for re-venge
All summer 16, f*ck the summer 16
I'm running 2016
Only no name n*gga winnin', boy
I'm feelin' like I'm Willie Beamon
And if a n*gga ever hated on 'em for a verse, it's five hunnid, please
Heh, god damn
Look, I did what they said that I couldn't do
Your girl f*cked on the first night
Now she did what she said that she wouldn't do
So many women, I can't tell who is who
I'm in a Benz, they in a Subaru
Call you a friend, let's do a two on two
Or a one on two, b*tch you comin' through, wait wait
I'm kinda a nymphal when you get to know me, baby
Losin' friends left and right, sh*t, sh*t been gettin' lonely lately
But my n*ggas loyal, they always said I was next
Now it's time to show 'em
Lately I been workin' like a field n*gga
Word to Clinton, get the bills n*gga
Uh, I kept it real on the first time
Now I been killin' these hearse lines
Rappers singin' like a church choir
What 'em up, yeah the thirst got 'em
f*ck what you sayin' to me
If it ain't about money, don't say it to me
She said "Can I practice giving head to you?"
Baby, you know I don't play with rookies, wait wait wait

Not a game

[Verse 3]
Please don't hit my phone if it ain't about commission
Even envision don't play it, my n*gga
I still got the vision
I was reachin' out to n*ggas, they gave me shoulders to coldest
n*ggas was sleepin' on REASON, here go the couple to Folgers
Free Album dropped, n*gga what a time
I'm gettin' pus*y, I'm savin' lives
b*tches callin' sayin' "Come inside"
I'm in that stomach like butterflies
She be tellin' me a bunch of lies like "I usually don't do this"
Girl, I must of heard that a hundred times
My n*ggas winnin', it's runnin' time
They done let a n*gga come alive

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