Grind Mode lyrics


Yea Yea Look Look
Tryna get the homie acquitted
Fines, locked and we can barely get the homies to visit
You know its love when people care for you , Yea
You know its fake when the judge gives you dates
And its barely people thats there for ya
Can't help you out a hole they sit and stare on ya
Find they way up and they can't even leave the stairs for ya
sh*t, I'm working harder than single mothers
Lucky that my moms wasn't single we needed structure
Pops wasn't f**king wit her moms wasn't neither
But it deeper when its fam
They know that we need each other
We came from a struggle n***a we made it here
My future was foggy i had to make it clear
I grew up round colors
n***as was bangin there
And Beef like navigation
n***as a take it there, Yea
Replace them C's wit a B youngin
Then switch it back if you ever see them C's coming
sh*t, I had family on both sides but still kept the love
We was closer than most sides
We ghost ride
Used bring low rider's and bend the block wit it
I hustle 24 7 it ain't a clock wit it
Hustle 24 7 i never stop wit it
Because i'll be damn if my family say they can not get it

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