KRS-ONE & Marley Marl
Hip Hop Lives (I Come Back)
I come back
Every year I get newer
I'm the dust on the moon
I'm the trash in the sewer, let's go
I come back
Every year I get brighter
If you thinking hip-hop is alive hold up your lighter, let's go
I come back
Every year I'm expanding
Talking to developers about this city we planning, c'mon
I come back
Through any endeavor, this is hip-hop
We gone last forever

[Verse 1]
Hip means to know
It's a form of intelligence
To be hip is to be up-date and relevant
Hop is a form of movement
You can't just observe a hop
You got to hop up and do it
Hip and hop is more than music
Hip is the knowledge, hop is the movement
Hip and hop is intelligent movement
Or relevant movement
We selling the music
So write this down on your black books and journals: hip-hop culture is eternal
Run and tell all your friends
An ancient civilization has been born again, it's a fact
I come back
Every year I'm the Strongest
Krs-one, Marley Marl
Yup we last the longest, let's go
I come back
Cause I'm not in the physical
I create myself man I live in the spiritual
I come back through the cycles of life
If you been here once you gone be here twice
So I tell you, I come back
Cause you must learn too
Hip-hop culture is eternal

[Verse 2]
Hip-hop- Her Infinite Power, Helping Oppressed People
We are unique and unequaled
Hip-hop - Holy Integrated People, Having Omnipresent Power
The watchman's in the tower of hip-hop
Hydrogen Iodine Phosphorous, Hydrogen Oxygen Phosphorous
That's called hip-hop
The response of cosmic consciousness
To our condition as hip-hop
We gotta think about the children we bringing up
When hip and hop means intelligence springing up
We singing what, sickness, hatred, ignorance and poverty
Or health, love, awareness and wealth
Follow me

We will be here forever, we will still be here forever
Get what I'm saying, forever
I come back
Every year I get newer
That's that
That's that