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"Shalom Drip"

[Intro: Lil Exotik]


Aye, Oy Vey


[First Verse: Lil Exotik}

Diamonds is hittin' *Shalom* so I call 'em Adrian
Put ten on your head jus' like I’m an Arabian
b*tch I sip syrup but I’m not Canadian
Since I been poppin' don' know where the haters been
Diamonds immaculate pull up and bag the b*tch
Robbin' your boyfriend I’m hittin' a lick
You talk the maddest sh*t making me
Mad and sh*t slid in his dms, I’m taking
His b*tch
You already know that I cannot be stopped
Pull up wit' a Glock to the wing stop (wing stop)
You dead in six seconds like tik tok (tik tok)
I am a monster no Rick Ross (yuh)

[Second Verse: Lil Exotik]
Foreskin up on my wrist
I got the baddest b*tch
Cuttin' they p*nis up, I'm suckin' the blood
Nerf guns they never miss
Dexter they wanna kiss
Trappin' in Israel, I come from the mud

[Third Verse: MrHeada$$Trendy}

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