Trapped in the Closet lyrics


[Verse 1:]
Its me n Billy in the room
We on the ps4
He get a text on the phone
He said "he tryna smash a hoe"
So he put me in the closet
And I cant wait to see the show
This is crazy as f**k
Cuz I left my shoe on the flooo
And then, I hear the door open to my surprise
I hear him say, "mama, im bout graze up in them thighs"
Oh sh*t sh*t sh*t sh*t, holy f**k
I text my homie Dylan but he say, "one moment im finna see a milf in a minute"
So they still smashin like a nintendo game
My J's on the ground
And I payed like 400 for them thangs so they better not be scuffed right now
So they change, positions and she trips over the shoe
She looks at them and she says, "Billy WHOSE WHOSE WHOSE WHOSE?"
So I stepped out, "cuz they better not be scuffed"
She looks at me shes like, "What the f**k?!"
And then, And then Billy walks through the room
[Verse 2:]
"n***a you smashing his mama?"
"n***a you smashing my mama?"
"n***a you smashing yo mama?"
"Oh my god, there goes your father"
"I bet that he smashing yall daughter"
Billy pulls out his Beretta
The father says, "honey im home"
"Im finna put two in yo dome"
"Now n***a, that gun is fake as yo mamas boobs"
"n***a who?"
"b*t*h you"
"Boom Boom"
The father enters the room
Hes confused
"Baby why?"
"Somebody finna die"
"I just wanna play ps4"
"Your wife is a mf whore"
Now the father gets up, as if he knows whats goin oooon
"First of all, Billy, you look dumb as hell pointin at me with that fake ah gun"
Dylan phone start to ring
*phone rings*
"Umm h-hey baby"
"Where are you?"
"Um Im out, why where you at?"
"Um im goin inside my house"
"Baby where you live?"
"2347 Garden Olive"
"n***a thats the address to this house oh sh*t"
"n***a you smashin my daughter?"
"Is that my dad?"
"Ay man, I gotta go. This has nun else to do with me bro"
*knocks at the door*
"Annie's at the door"
Before I try to leave I grab shoes of the floor
"They're not there. Where they at? I paid 400 for that! They bet not be scuffed, man I had enough, this whole situation is tuff"
*knocks at the door*
"Im about to kick the door down, Dylan imma kill you boi told you not whore round'"
"Where are my shooes?!"
"Look around"
"Imma get there door then im backin down"
"Hey honey"
"Watchu doin here"
"Its a surprise"
"No he tellin lies, he smashin yo mama"
*phone rings*
"Who is that? boy named daddy"
"It aint me"
"Girl answer immediately"
She starts lookin down
Dylan says, "Gimme that phone now"
Dylan get the phone then he answers
"Wow, that hoe cheatin with DopestClown"

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