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"Let me Free from Forget"

Let go of your hands do you get much better?
Why  hurry back?
Or  deep in your heart, is there nothing left to hope for?
On that day‚ who would wish anyone to dream so that we could never leave?
On that day‚ anyone who goes with someone gives a love sentence
So  forever

I  stand on both sides looking at each other‚ but I absolutely don't say anything
Because of the mistakes you made, it made my heart hurt
Promises  when he betrayed, he contradicted himself in words
I also don't believe the sweet words from my lips
The past is what kills us every night
Love where we have given this place
I  just want to erase sad memories
Belief is no more‚ jealous instead
He tried to tell his heart not to miss him, he tried many things
But every night when I close my eyes, I will miss you very much
I will say all the thoughts in this heart‚ even though I know I don't believe much
I will tell you how much I need you, can we be together as before
If only time could come back from the beginning so he wouldn't hurt the girl he always loved
If only time could turn around so she couldn't shed tears

Tôi không muốn rời xa bạn, tôi chỉ muốn yêu bạn
Tôi biết tôi đã phá vỡ trái tim của bạn, tôi là một kẻ ngốc
Chúng ta có thể đưa tình yêu đến nơi chúng ta bắt đầu không?
Xin hãy cho tôi thêm một cơ hội
Bạn có thể là ánh mặt trời của tôi một lần nữa?
Bạn là người tôi cần

Don't hold on anymore, we need to go our separate ways
I was waiting in sadness in worry
Although he asked the king
Review old memories
It was too far. Forget it
Hãy để tôi thoát khỏi quá khứ khỏi mọi lo lắng
Chúng ta phải tìm một tương lai mới cho chúng ta
I know sadness will linger but I have to separate

He was still forever slipping through the years
The girl with her twenties let his heart speak forever
I write my story as they write a good book
The excuse that he did not fall once immersed
Embrace blue and white paper falling in the middle of his chest
These are the rosy old echoes a long and proud range
I brought the pristine drop down just to love you once
Then when the wind swept the love of heaven, he was very passionate about it every day
Half thought strangely half familiar
How could the wind catch the hand?
Duyen himself thought he had to share a couple of times now, he also had to divide it into hundreds of ways
His arms were warm, but I was so sad that I was so passionate!

Even though he knew that it was still painful to lose his hug from after his face and he looked at each other perhaps not saying anything
I was silent for a long time, blaming myself for not saying such a thing that if I didn't say it quickly, the person I loved would walk
The wound deepened when not together but the day passed

Gigi don't remind that to Kendall
My hands are getting more and more distant now
You know the error is not a mistake from both of us
But just because i was wrong, now both of them have to return to two places
Please say goodbye first so that my heart will not hurt
I still love you like the first day I met
I’m tried to drink all this box so i could fall asleep
So when you sleep, you can't even remember without thinking
But when I fell into a deep sleep, the image of her dreaming that I suddenly remembered was you
The image of the couple laughing at the familiar places
She the one I love the most, so I can't stop forgetting
The best memory and smile I regret is that I have to pack
Why did you say your no longer loved?
But still in the evening
Let me look forward to you looking
Then now shattered
Love is like water has given up the cup
Don't force more, don't be curious
Let me live away
Everyday, I tried to let myself love you, but the leaves have not healed
Chúng ta phải để cho nhau đi, cả hai chúng ta đều độc thân Đừng biết tương lai sẽ ra sao
I know that sadness will linger
But we have to separate
Rain is falling on the lips or tears from her eyelids
I left to let you play
Bring sadness to remember
Although he asked the king
Review old memories
It was too far
Forget it!

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