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[Part 1: Temptations]

[Intro: Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla $ign & Both]
Nah, nuh, nuh, nuh
Nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh
Woah, woah
Yeah, yeah, uh

[Chorus: Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons, DJ Camper & All]
She left me out here with temptations
With temptations
She left me out here with temptations, ohhh
With temptations
Now I don't know how to act
Ooh, now I don't know how to act
Ohh-oh, yeah
Ooh, she tryna get me back
Tryna get me back, yeah
Ooh, she tryna get me back
Uh, what

[Verse: Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons & Ant Clemons]
Even though I got options, still trippin' on you
I got choices on choices, still ain't over you
You know I'm picky, I'm just seein' what I like (Like)
So it's f**k your feelings, girl, I'm single for the night (Night)
Girl, I'm cool off you, I might pull up on the next chick
Chuckin' up the deuces, while you walkin' out the exit
Why the f**k you throwin' shade, when I'm the one that you obsessed with?
Ay, uh-uh-uh
Tempted to touch, all this tension with us
The way you throw it, (Throw it) I'm still tempted to f**k
But I'm good, love, enjoy, I'ma fall back
You put me in the doghouse like I'ma crawl back

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