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Iniquity Rhymes

"I’m Home"

[Verse 1] - MCNorad
No matter what I do, I'm not able to get away from you
You make my life miserable, I wait for you to make it through
But all the pain you placed in my heart, you sanked it too
I hate the way you think you a saint, cause you ain't, wooo!
b*tch, you got a dark side, but yeah I'm the bad guy?
f*ck that, I fought back against all of your dumb lies
And all of these f*cking critics can suck my di*k and just die
I'm sick of wishing for time when I'm always stuck inside
Of nothin' I'm wantin' someone who ain't alive
In other words I'm sayin' you're f*ckin' dead in my mind
You don't cross it, not even a step to the other side
I hate that I trusted you thinkin' everything would be fine
But you don't even know me and yet you thinkin' you do
We met a week ago and sh*t you already sendin' me nudes
And you think' I'm 'a be cool? Not thinkin' you f*ckin' dudes?
You must be out your mind if you think that I need you
'Cause I'm Home

[Verse 2] - IniquityRhymes
Sometimes I feel like nothing's left, up to the sky I look
Don't walk in my shoes, but if you must, then don't take the route I took
Sometimes I lack the motivation, to be productive
Waitin' for something to click
But I'm so impatient now, no way to face it
So I take out paper, just searching for bars that I need to lace it
Pacing..'round an empty void
It's vacant now, feeling destroyed
But the music makes me whole, and momma says to pray to Him
'Cause life is free to play but c'mon
We all know it's pay to win
Now the song is over, got nothin' up on my plate again
I know my fans support me but I feel like I've betrayed my friends
I know I'm lazy, know I've slacked a lot, I hate myself
But when I write a song, I'm proud as f*ck and I convey the wealth
So listen here, I wanna make this change for you and I
'Cause when I'm gone I want the world to feel the impact, eulogize
In this moment, I swear I feel like a titan
My abode when I'm writin'
In this moment I'm immortal
'Cause I'm Home

[Verse 3] - EmceeDro
I was so close to the top, now I'm in the background
They all want me to stop, but I'm coming back now
Better than ever on a new level never surrender
Heavy the pressure, but never sever the effort ever
I have a job that's leading me to the arthritis
So watch this author write his story 'bout how he been fighting
I can paralyze a pair of eyes because I terrify
Never stare at I, I can sterilize ya paradise and leave you hopeless
Did you notice the focus was on the doses
And it left him broken never spoken
On an instance of difference you only create a distance
Common ground is never found
Without persistence you
Take an action and fasten the lock
A classic talk can put a stop to the constantly battling op-
Position yourself in the wealth then look at how much you've grown
I put it all in my songs I love it
Because I'm home

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