Rucka Rucka Ali
Not My Fault (That We Black)
[Verse 1]
I'm black an everywhere i goes
I'm being attacked by all the police
I try to tell 'em: Let me go
But everytime they say more bullsh*t

They pull me in the nuts and bust my head in
Maybe if the cops awnser this question
I tell 'em yeah

You f**kin' racist
You always doin this gay sh*t
I lost all my f**kin' patience
Lost my f**kin' Gun and WeedCrack
I'm tryn'na make it
But cops always invade sh*t
They never mess with the asians
Baby it's not my fault that we black

[Skits in Chorus]
Officer: Do you know why i pulled you over?
Man: Pulled me over? I'm on my porch!
Officer: Ok, now we have a problem

It's not my fault that we black

Man: Hello! I'm selling some girl scout cookies! Would you like-
Officer: He's got a weapon!

It's not my fault that we black

[Verse 2]
We say don't ever be afraid
We can't all really be that hated
But when the cops all start to rape
Can't help but ask if it's related

We always bein' arrested for existing
Maybe if the cops would stop the fisting
And start listenin' yeah!
Ooh you so racist
You all up in all our spaces
You f**ked us in the a***
Mu b***'s gotta be sewn the way back
Now it's too dangerous
To walk to my friend Pagie's
You don't f**k with the asians
Baby, it's not my fault that we black

[Skits in Chorus]
Man 1: Yo, what time it is?
Man 2: I dunno man, aks the cops!
Man 1: Excuse me officer-

It's not my fault that we black

Mom: can you get the mail sweetie?
Boy: Okay momma, hold on, imma take this small step out the front door-

'Casue if we lost our car
And took someone else's car
So we could find our car
Then you know we gettin' shot and
If we took a nap and woke up in someone's house
And then the cops show up
Then you know we gettin shot and
If we lost our dog
And his name's Allahu Akbar
And we call out his name
Then you know we getting shot and
If we smoke some crack
And it drops on the floor
And we bend down
The cops will come f**k us in the b***!
Dude, you're so racist
You always is tryin'na mace us
My son needs f**king braces
My dog Allahu Akbar still ain't back
This is outrageous
My b*** needs to get traced
And st**ched up in several stages

[Skits in Chorus]

Man: Yo man here's a free mixtape!
Man: Yo, can i get five bucks

It's not my fault that we black
I keep getting beat up, why me? Baby
Baby it's not my fault that we black!