Rucka Rucka Ali
Prince Ali Obama
[Intro (as Donald Trump)]
Fake, Gay, Fake and Gay, Fat and Gay, Condescending and Untalented
Uh Michelle. Uh Melania
What's that sound outside?

Make way for my Denali
Make way I'm Bengali
Since I've been out of the White House
Standing in line at the welfare office
Smoking a blunt with the cast of Entourage
(That's good sh*t Turtle)
Finally I could stop with the white
Boy lies so here's what I'm really like

It's Ali, House of Saudi, Barry Obama
Drivin me a stolen Audi that belongs to me
I get arrested sometimes, my vest contains a bomb
I was born in North Vietnam and in Bali

Its Ali, I'm a Sunni from Alabama
Eating me a bucket of drums from KFC
(Ay who the hell is this guy?)
I'm you with an expensive tie
Still using White House WIFI on my 3G

He's a pimp standing on the street corner
(But I live here)
He's a black guy, please call the police
(Uh I ask that you don't)
Hes a Moslem preparin' my shwarma
(Paid by big Pharma)
I'm a piece of African radical black panther Arab-American dream

It's Ali smokin' some tree daddy Obama
Nigerian prince stealing your ident**y
I spread the word of Allah
In a stolen Impala
I was born in North Africa probably

On the streets mowing down f**kin' honkeys
I was Bin Laden's tribe originally
I'm jihading around on a donkey
I was born in East Pakistan
Afghanistan and
The ghetto of Haiti in jaili
Its Ali at Mickey D's
Smokin' a crack rock
Can you please pa** me the chicken n***a please

From the White House to a tent
I'm always late on my rent
I'm serving life sentences
Smokin a blunt
I'm airplanes crashing in 2001
I'm the fear that Americans
Feeling ever since Abraham Lincoln freed me
I'm me
Suck my D
I need money
(I don't like white people)