Rucka Rucka Ali
Brony Style (Ima Pedophile)
I'm a Pedophile
Brony Pedophile

A brony's a guy that's into
Little pony culture
And a pedophile likes giving
Little children b******s
The back of my van is full of ponies
So you better get inside of it
Get inside it kid

I'm into brushing hair
Of pretty ponies
You like ponies?
Got a bunch in here
Come play with me
I'm pretty lonely
We don't judge in here
We love and tolerate
Now let me touch your underwear
Get your b*** in here

Let's take our pants off
Play with some horses
Got 'em all (Hey!)
I'll touch your balls (Hey!)
I got Pegasus
And Diamond Rose
Sunny Ray
And Rarity
I got the whole entire little pony set

I'm a pedophile
(Yup, yup yup, yup)
Brony pedophile
(Yup, yup yup, yup)
Brony pedophile
Hey, sexy baby
(Yup, yup yup, yup)
I'm a pedophile
Hey, sex with babies
(Yup, yup yup, yup)
I'm parking outside an elementary school
In Boulder
I got a surprise
You kid's will thank me
When you're older
McDonalds and Fries
Come help me find a little pony toy
Inside of it
Take a bite of it (Mmm)

I'm sort of Autistic
Being a brony doesn't really
Get you tons of chicks
I'm into ponies with a little side of
A kid's d**k
I'm just like Kony
Kidnapping kids ages 5 and 6
(But not dead since 2006)
Gonna dance, boy
Take all your clothes off
Here we go (Hey!)
The brony show (Hey!)
Got Applejacks, and
Princess Celestia
Fluttershy (Hey!)
And Pinkie Pie (Hey!)
And Rainbow Dash

Beating off
Trixie and Blossomforth
Cherry Berry
Let me ride you 'till I've had enough
Beating off
To Big Macintosh
You're the batter, let me jack you off
(I'm gay)