Rucka Rucka Ali
I’m Chinese
(I'm a Korean)
Oh, hello, it's me, DJ Not Nice

[Verse 1]
In China we cannot be Dykes or Taiwanese
Somebody gave to me HIV, wanna see?
I might be Japanese, I don't know my family
I'm Chinee, get this price tag off of me
In China we have TV finally
I can see show called Simpson family

Why they yellow? That make fun of Chinee!
Sing the song, Rucka Rucka Ali

[Verse 2]
I'mma drop atom bombs on you white devils
China take over America in 2012 (Ha)
China is very big, whatcha gonna do
We got two billion Chinamen and not one Jew (Uh-uh)
China make you kill, all your female kids
'Cause we have too many chicks
And China has not enough tampon!
China be so very sad
Because we don't have any friends
In China we crap in our beds
Because we can't buy a mattress
We missed 2005 and six (I was high)
I was high on cocaine
China has very small wang (Very small)
China drink on Kool-Aid
Economy of dirty underage sex slaves
We get murdered, if we don't like China president
That's a restaurant in Detroit, they shoot everyone
In China, we probably gonna bomb Germany
Come on please, somebody, how come we cannot be
Rich, we ain't got sh*t
And we live in a dirty ditch, with some animals
Pa** the f**kin' b***er please
I've got soy sauce
Now I need some dog meat
I can eat what I want
Don't make fun of me
I could meet Rucka Ruck
I heard he lives in the street
Why can't we go to America?
I'll get me a bus pa**, and we could roll
We'll open up a wonton drycleaning store
I could also coach wheelchair basketball
How come we Chinee are like five feet tall?
I could sell cereal while stealing stereos
Bury your terrier, he's an AIDS carrier
We could make a show with Morgan Freeman
We call it "Everybody Gets Shot By Raymond"
Somebody messed up the song, now it just got racist
Black people been through enough (40 cases)
Why can't we all just send all white people to Africa
'Cause China people are taking over America
Let's go! I'm the boss
I can tell you where to go
Get the bros on the bus and send 'em down the road (Peace)
We can go Vegan, but we gotta eat dog
We'll beat him up, 'cause adrenaline tastes good
I could read stuff like books 'cause I made something of my life
I tried to get by on looks, but it looks I'm closin' my eyes
All you punk-a**, b*t*h a** ninjas
Suck my d**k, cause you ain't sh*t
'cause I come here from Indo-China
China has sideways v*****
China be the best at baseball (Yup)
Filipinos have little b*** holes
I'm China Number One guy, because
I have one dollar fifty-five, n***a
I must listen to emperor, because he has bad temperer
I'm not some kind of gambler
Australia has kangaroo
[Verse 3]
I'm Chinee, why can't we
All just be friends with me?
I give you the good rice
In China, we eat Chinee food (I like that)
I'm Chinee, why not me
Play Ghandi in movie
I could break up a hood fight
I tell Crips and Bloods to be cool
I'm Chinee
I know which, ninja killed, Kennedy
I'm one of the good guys
I teach the secret service ninja moves
I'm Chinee
I'm not even in Ninja Kid 3
They hired some girl that time
I mean Karate Kid Three
No, Four!
I'm Chinee
It's gay
How my videos get deleted
But the Ruckas Nuckas load them videos up
And tell everybody at school
I'm Chinee
So call me to MC your party
Weddings, or Bar Mitzvahs
I even do funerals
Lets go!
[Verse 4]
Everybody, touch somebody
Don't be scared of them pressin' charges
Put some Saki in your coffee
Tell your mother to get off me
Ninja Turtle was good movie
I remember when I saw it
And the second one was better
And the third one was whatever
And I like the Power Rangers
Billy, Jason, and the black guy
They had to save the world
From the lady who looked like Kim Jong Il
Where were the Power Rangers on the day of 9/11?
I thought they could have stopped it
I guess they were busy fightin' putties

I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
I'm Chinee
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