Rucka Rucka Ali
I’m the Black Guy
[Verse 1]
White cops got sticks and hungry dogs
See me inside of Domino's
Screaming I want my onion roll
"Sir this is Wendy's"
He's a criminal
Move in, call back up, start to shoot
No wait they're making me some food
Hold up that's ten McMuffins, two chickens, and a Diet Coke

Did you mean a Sprite? Yes I did
Nope, sorry, this sh*t isn't Popeyes
Get out of the store, why?
Cause I'm black right?
Man c'mon I have rights
No it's cause you jacked my
Cash Register last time
I'm the black guy

[Post Chorus]
I'm the black guy

[Verse 2]
Cops like to stalk me, racist trolls
I've been in jail since I was born
Homie I never learned to vote
How was I s'posed to know
I always feel I don't belong
They treat me like I'm something wrong
Can't we all be the same, have some Pepsi, and smoke a blunt

Can't get a bus ride
Drivers always uptight
Wants a dollar buck five
No but there's a upside
On my tax I claim my cousin Max I
Claim my Mom and Dad I'm Older than 'em
I'm the black guy

[Post Chorus]
I'm the black guy bruh
I'm always good at bein' black
And then I said It's Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve Harvey
A black guy walks into the bars
Knock Knock
Who's there?
Wait I mean uh
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Okay why- Knock Knock
Why did the chicken cross the road?
Black People

I'm the black guy
I'm- I'm the black