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Fetty Luciano

"Big Drip (Remix)"

You know what the f*ck goin' on (Yeah)
Free Cueno
Heavy on it (Squad)
Everything K
Wooo back, nah f*ck that, when I "Brr ahh ahh" n*gga "Ahh ahh" back
GS9, we to 9, ain't no muthaf*ckin' chill button
Gang (Yeah)
Gang (Gang)

Drippin' (Aye)
When I step up, know that I'm drippin' (Aye)
I'm dressed in blue 'cause I'm crippin' (Aye, yo Cig)
I walk with a limp 'cause I stay with a Smith and (Aye aye aye)
Figis (Figis)
We the ones givin' figis (Rrraow)
I park the car up my [?] (Bow)
I spin the block just for Speedy (Aye aye aye)
We the ones that got the city hot (Woooo)
Glock 9 with a 50 shot (Woo woooo)
I'm on Hot 9 when it's really hot (Yeah)
It ain't nothin' to spin a dizzy block (Yeah)
Sinnin' (Sinnin')
I pay the opps when I'm billin' (Bow)
What neighborhoods that you spint in? (Bow)
You was in school, I was in prison (Aye aye aye)
Did my first shootin' in a Mazda, drum shakin' like I'm Wocka (Rraa, drum shakin' like I'm Wocka)
I got knocked for a choppa, I really wouldn't shoot your block up (I really wouldn't shoot your block up)
Walk away like I'm Poppa, be quiet 'fore I pop her (be quiet 'fore I pop her, bow)
Comin' down you was not tough and it dropped me a flocka (A flocka)
These n*ggas, they flockin' to live (Woo)
But, pus*y, I'm flockin' for flocka (Flocka, bow)
My shooters, they come in your crib (Bow, crib)
Kick in your door like we [?] (Bow)
It's how I talk, this how I live it (I do)
Shmurda music, no drillin' (No)
I'm a drug, Penicilin (Yeah)
I'm on the molly, mind spinnin' (Yeah)
Face shots (Face shots)
Spin 'em broad day, give 'em face shots (Rrraa)
Jump in these [?] 'til the bank hot ('Til the bank hot)
I'ma keep shootin' this 'til the thang hot (Rrraaa)
Means more bank 'til the gang hot (Gang)
They mad we winnin' and they not (They not)
Means more bank 'til the gang hot ('Til the gang hot)
They mad we winnin' and they not (They not)

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