Bad Man

Allie X

Bad man

[Verse 1]
Some people like to get their kicks from dressin' up
Some pray to heaven, some to somebody to love
I'm a believer they just want me good enough
I want it all, I want it all

Last night's lashes on the floor
Dizzy dancing in Dior
This is all I'm living for
I want it all

I heard them say that girl's a bad man
It's something in the way she walks, uh-uh
I think you know that there's a bad chance
She's getting everything she wants, uh-uh

Don't try to understand
That girl's a bad man

[Verse 2]
I'm not a witness, but I got to testify
I'm far too valuable to waste my precious time
Just wanna work it and get paid, is that a crimе?
I want it all, I want it all, okay

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