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The Alchemist

"Prison Letters"

[Produced by The Alchemist]

Before I go down this path
I wanna dedicate this to the people that were close to me
We're all in our own prison in some way (Ahem)

[Verse 1]
Dear Freeman
I'm sorry you can't see this
I'm sorry that you can't go out to ingest freedom
I'm sorry that I'm writing you like I'm confessing to Jesus
But I'm glad you got my back when I try to wrestle the pieces
Trapped in prison, black with wisdom
Telling me go do my business when I craft with fiction
This bast*rd listens when you told me old stories
Your probably the only one alive when I write these letters in mourning
I can't breathe, nowadays I can't eat
I'm to worried of getting smothered in my sleep
I wake up every hour with a gun under my sheets
My own ambitions, along with the company I keep
Thinking in my own head, hoping that your still alive
I promise you that I can get you out of there before you die
My hands tremble and shake as I wrestle with fate
I see flashes of the devil with the metal and hate

[Verse 2]
Dear Momma
I'm bout to engage in self destruction
About the size of a goddamn volcanic eruption
It's no secret that I've been involved in shifty sh*t
Waiting for the reaper to come on in and get me quick
I just wanted a little money to flex myself
But if I pimp myself out then how would I respect myself
I made myself a moving target, and you got caught in the crossfire
For that when I die, I'll be facing the wrath of God's Ire
Even then you took me off the streets and fed me well
Never wanted to see me dead in a cell
You have no idea how badly I feel
Take a life to trade a life, that's why I'm happy I kill
It won't erase the pain but it will sure dim it down
But that's not the son you wanted to be living around
Been so in the dark that I've been spotting the blues
I couldn't help myself if I wanted to

[Verse 3]
Dear Tommy
You a good dude and I appreciate the fact
You never snitch, even when you face the rap
I couldn't have a better Co-D, no question
I confess that I could've been better but I've been wicked, no restin'
I got out of jail and you hid me so I didn't get caught
The both of us, we the same breed, same introverted thoughts
You was helping me out when I was down on my luck
A couple dollars to my name, turned to thousands of bucks
I owe blood, I couldn't give it, I made others pay in flesh
I got you in this mess and you paid with your death
If there's a heaven for us criminals I know you in it
If I was up there I would've shot God, sh*t, I know you grinnin'

f*ck it, let's get going
Today at O'Shea penitentiary a prisoner was found dead in the courtyard area, brutally stabbed and shot multiple times. The victim was named Freeman..
Television Off noise
Motherf*ckers with no loyalty don't deserve to live
Pistol c*cking sound

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