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The Alchemist

"Guava 10K"

I just feel so guavalicious
You digg me?
It feels so good
Even though the world so cold
Feels like I just got some guava juice on ice
It's only right

Verse 1:

My oldest friends say I look so much like an artist now
With my college fam I stick out like the awkward child
In my apartment often spark my kinks to rock my crown
Ancestors in the distance be a constant sound
Groovey Lew told me he vibed out to my latest joint
Mount Vernon representer, Heavy D my case in point
I passed him my flash drive on a yacht in Miami
He got the illest aura, around him you feel just like family
Uncle Floyd showed me a letter sent between some legends
A youngin and I feel I gotta show respect and deference
Take it up two degrees and never ever dumb it down
No wonder how the underground is what I run with now
I be the weirdo at the bar requesting guava nectar
When Franny threw Dre a party vector, he caught it
Check it
Big brother Arthur, he be my entire squad's protector
Jesus walks with us and we believe that God is special

Oh baby!
I always wanted to do this, by the way
You are witnessing the guava glow up
It's time
We show up and gotta do something deeper
You're catching us right in the middle like a slant route
Brett Favre on them
We're almost there
You can't tell me this don't feel good, baby!
We need that
Feel that

Verse 2:

Dropped the Guavamatic Space Dream after years of patience
I ain't want you to keep sleeping on me despite its naming
Sometimes it's like I'm supposed to stay silent
Trapped in vacants
But I'ma spit it through the wire for the tramps and vagrants
Just got a call from Sauce Remix, he's out in Kansas City
We talked connections and plotted
Watch out my camp is filthy
That was a not to James Gardin, he's with Illect now
This level up mandatory, what you expect now?
ZILLA shooting movies on iPhones
Travis in other time zones with updates on who he might know
Syreeta she be the needle in hip-hop haystacks
I just state facts, watch for what the play is next
Veracity moves it eschelons with the extra charm
Imagine a Stretch Armstrong with an extra arm
Black Kennedy said if you feel it then express in song
Papa Guava bring the finesse so we're stepping strong

I'm doing this in my living room right now
I'll be back in the studio soon
Just really focused on The Peace and Power Band
And The Guavamatic Experience, the live show right now
Y'all gotta check that out
Shout out to Criston Oates, Jayare, CMac, Sidney, Antoine
What up

Verse 3:

All my images be captured by boys with them canons
Don't go the L way, vision be sharper than Shannon
Kolin and MalDougie be like my Jonathan Mannions
Grand Canyon flow, ill without the antidote
Healing with these anecdotes
Feeling like we can't be broke
Scarf around my manic fro
Same color as canteloupe
Voices in the wilderness
We're fighting for scraps
Clown boys is trying to build a fence
They heighten the tax
Loud noise is what we're dealing with
We tighten the latch
Fangs sharpened with this penmanship
We bit when attacked
No rest for the weary so we ain't really sleeping much
Level up is automatic, we don't really need a clutch
People tell me keep it up
They see beyond machines and such
Even with no green please believe we still be eating lunch
I love my guavas for the fact that they real
We believe in us without all of the massive appeal
Yea I'm a dreamer but I'm actually bout the action for real
Build a faction based solely on the passion fulfilled
This is purposeful this here ain't just no accident skills
Student of the game, study or collapse in the field
Toss and turn with a burn in your chest
What you expect when you don't take time to learn from the best
Do it for the culture
Vultures want to earn it for less
They want to Michael Phelps
But they ain't never learn how to stretch
You know that slow and steady bubble up can turn into stress
But in due season you gon' reap if you don't turn from your quest
I'm sick of judging rap's worth by who can turn up the best
We gon' bring the bars back like an overhead press
We're like zombies walking dead caught in a balling matrix
Afro unkempt from wrestling with these fallen angels
The movement's growing, we've been marked because we're small and dangerous
You can't stab us, pull out the knife, and then call it change
I can run 10,000 miles on this instrumental
I'm in a black body daily so trust me this is simple
They switch the game on the regular without sending memos
Black lives matter, all of us, now let's switch the center
I used to wish that I could rap like this
You know, get on tracks, lock it down, rap like 'Kiss
Peace and Power guava flow til' that casket dip
Matter fact, that's it

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