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The Alchemist

"Chemical Warfare"

[Intro: Eminem]
You are now listening to the sounds of Shady
And Alchemist

[Verse: Eminem]
Got an axe in the duffel bag
Couple of fags stuffed in the backseat
Muzzled and gagged, wrapped in bubble wrap
Two lesbians, a couple Hustler mags
Now grab the Pez dispenser
Fill it up to the max with muscle relaxers
The governor of Alaska, she lusts when I ask her
To shove my Pulaski sausage up in her ass, huh
While we hover over Nebraska
Shootin' at the f*ckin' buffalo pasture
In the helicopter, man, I can't f*ck her no faster
She's screamin' "Grab my titties, Shady, suck on those bast*rds"
But I ain't no sucker, I won't snuggle up with her after
I'm a gigolo, b*tch, I look like the Juggalo rapper?
Every day, man, I just seem to get a little bit doper
sh*t, back down? Man, I'd rather lick on a scrotum
And eat the f*ckin' Octomom's pus*y lips with some okra
While I watch Whoopi Goldberg scissor with Oprah
While Rosie pus*y-farts and takes a p*ss on the sofa
Get a boner and play di*k swords with the Jonas Brothers
Your motherf*ckin' mother's aroma's like no other
I keep thinkin' of her smothered in somas

[Hook: Eminem]
It's chemical warfare, drop bombs like Saddam
I'm bringing the drama, like Barack Obama
Playing Rock Em' Sock Em' robots with the Octomama
I'm vato loco, homie I'll c*ck those llamas
For chemical warfare

[Outro: Eminem]
Did I just say Octomom twice in the same rap?
f*cking wack
Chemical warfare
Chemical warfare

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