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The Alchemist


It appears the driver lost control in the weather...
*screeching tires*
They say the cars often...? ...before the accident
The crash happened on 3rd and Main
In one of the most horrific crashes we have ever seen
I don’t crash

[Verse 1]
Heath Ledger, River phoenix and AM put together
Cancel the skies scratch the Earth to the letter
E carve it with the V I’m back
I hit the tree when I’m running overseas on tracks
Pardon me, ask any of my counterparts
Only person running ‘round streets when the town is dark
I move through any district proving that I’ve seen red-lights and already caused mischief
A world class traveler partial to my ways playing parliament and Gallagher
They treat the math like it was algebra
But simple sh*t just magician’s abracadabra
Thank y’all for having me snack
My 45 was the first round and second caliber spat
He’s a blood spiller expert, Dexter extra
Encore step to the stage its rest in

Oh my gosh, there has just been a major accident out here
In one of the most horrific crashes we have ever seen
The crash occurred around 11:30

[Verse 2]
Different way to see the same thing I’m seeing
Kinda like Caribbean or say Caribbean
I get busy with the flow I insist it
They say they never knew a pocket like this existed
I got ‘em with camaraderie
Passed on the bottle spend a dollar on the lottery
Gotten ‘em total control Kobe dribbling
Big brother watching, little brother listening
The coldest features drumming to the meter
Shoot lights at stars and media rights the media
But leisure time ain’t spent enough I pay taxes
And the tegra with Tahitians on beaches with no MapQuest
Access granted from ca the planet
From a road that ain’t paved the way god planned it
I walk with no shoes on my feet, avoid the rules of the street
And stay in tune ‘cause the movement is weak
I don’t crash

Police investigating a horrific car accident
Except that it was a spectacular wreck involving excessive speed
But not a car crash here
I don’t crash

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